Comfort Dental

About the project

Located in the southern metro area, Comfort Dental sought to be an inviting and calming dental experience. The space was designed with large windows that allowed soothing, natural light to bathe the patient rooms as well as the employee break room.

Cool, natural colors were utilized to mirror the sky as it reflected though the spacious windows. To personalize each operatory room, Progressive Architecture designed the walls to fold over the hallways. Light, natural wood tones warm the cool paint tones and harmonize with the warmer wood tones of the dental equipment.

The reception desk was designed to be airy and open, and the large lobby offers both a children’s area and a fish tank. Comfortable chairs and couches finish the look and create a welcoming atmosphere.

More details

  • Size

    2,400 Sq. Ft.
  • Type

    Interior Buildout