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Martina Foss Ashworth

Repurposing adjustable office furniture – Tiny Human in the Office! 22 Jan
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Repurposing adjustable office furniture – Tiny Human in the Office!

We had a special guest, that comes to our office periodically to visit the office and explore. 

Our custom-made desks at Progressive Architecture are clearly multi-functional – drawing storage, jungle-gym, and impromptu crib.

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1 Walt Disney Concert Hall Frank Gehry LA Philharmonic
 Napkin Sketch of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA
 Image courtesy of Frank Gehry / LA Philharmonic

In a world where everything is high-tech, digital and automated, it is difficult to imagine where the art of hand drawing is still valuable in the architecture profession. While flipping through an architecture magazine, we will come across the “napkin” drawing, the inspiration for some starchitect’s latest design, but it is accompanied by full, digital renderings, pristine plans, and staged, finished photos. We also see hand drawings occasionally to promote an upcoming event or a contest - which serve to grab your attention when sorting through the endless monotony of your email inbox. But what value do they really serve, beyond the glitter and the glam? Have they been replaced by digital renderings? Do architects, in fact, still draw by hand?

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Take a listen and be inspired

Every year, December is filled with music. Seasonal music of all sorts – every version of Feliz Navidad imaginable, wintry songs of celebration (and lament – “In the Bleak Midwinter”), and an abundance of sacred carols. Most years, my December weekends are bursting with practices, performances, and just general attendance at multiple choral events in the Twin Cities. I have sung Soprano with both the Valley Chamber Chorale and the Two Rivers Chorale, and both give concerts with a beautiful mix of the secular and sacred works for the holiday season. Take a listen – and be inspired.

Valley Chamber Chorale, as heard on MPR Taste of the Holidays Vol. 6, “I Heard the Bells” – traditional carol adapted and arranged by Bradley Ellingboe

Two Rivers Chorale

“O Come, All Ye Faithful” – traditional carol arranged for 4-hands piano and choir

“Still, Still, Still”