19 Feb
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BevSource Details

Many times, it is rewarding when your clients come up with a great idea. We were doing a remodel / addition to Bev Source, and we had a masonry wall that we wanted to keep. The existing wall had a door opening, that needed to be covered. Rather than trying to unsuccessfully match the brick, we decided to just stucco the opening, as that would match the ambiance of the rest of the space. We talked about finding areas for art around the space. The artwork was important to both us all. When we walked into the kitchen area, with the patched door opening, this is what we found!  What a perfect fit for a company that consults in the beverage industry. Great Job Bev Source!

Progressive Bevsource Detail

05 Feb
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When this family-owned restaurant had the opportunity to expand next door into a former liquor store, the owner jumped at the chance to grow her business. The bar received a dramatic facelift, and is now a mix of its iconic sports memorabilia, heavy stone arches, and a sleek, new bar.

A new party room opens to the bar with a fun overhead door, anchoring the space. At the other end of the restaurant, the new dining room takes up the recently acquired lease space, where elegant fabrics, atmospheric lighting, unique decor, and a stunning mural maintain Panino’s homey charm.


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29 Jan
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Shakopee Dental

A second clinic for the dentist, this office was built from the ground up on a highly visibile corner lot. Exposed steel structure and the stone gabion wall anchor the exterior’s aesthetic, along with the sweeping roofline.

22 Jan

We had a special guest, that comes to our office periodically to visit the office and explore. 

Our custom-made desks at Progressive Architecture are clearly multi-functional – drawing storage, jungle-gym, and impromptu crib.

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1 Walt Disney Concert Hall Frank Gehry LA Philharmonic
 Napkin Sketch of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA
 Image courtesy of Frank Gehry / LA Philharmonic

In a world where everything is high-tech, digital and automated, it is difficult to imagine where the art of hand drawing is still valuable in the architecture profession. While flipping through an architecture magazine, we will come across the “napkin” drawing, the inspiration for some starchitect’s latest design, but it is accompanied by full, digital renderings, pristine plans, and staged, finished photos. We also see hand drawings occasionally to promote an upcoming event or a contest - which serve to grab your attention when sorting through the endless monotony of your email inbox. But what value do they really serve, beyond the glitter and the glam? Have they been replaced by digital renderings? Do architects, in fact, still draw by hand?

08 Jan
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Comfort Dental

Located in the southern metro area, Comfort Dental sought to be an inviting and calming dental experience. The space was designed with large windows that allowed soothing, natural light to bathe the patient rooms as well as the employee break room.

02 Jan

This new cosmetic dental facility offers a bright, comfortable atmosphere located in the center of the City of Eagan.

One of the advantages of having a new facility was the chance to develop the exact vision Dr. Stanton wanted for her offices. She wanted a world-class facility to go wither her world-class services.

This client wanted the space to reflect a “hotel Aesthetic” with the colors, materials, and furnishings typically found in high end hotels. Contemporary lighting and decorative wall covering complete the design.

Working along with Dr. Stanton’s graphic designers, the logo was an integral feature of the space.

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Ski Boot Lamp

This boot lamp was built by Scott for a Joes Ski Shop fundraiser for Cancer and then raffled off, along with many other normal prizes. Believe it or not, this one has a matching lamp floating around somewhere. 

progressive architecture lamp 1


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