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Vintage Progressive

At Progressive Architecture we bring unique, affordable beauty to all of our projects. We've been doing it for over twenty successful years. Please take a few moments and look at some of our past projects.


16 Jul
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B-52 Burgers + Brew

B-52 Burgers + Brew
Inver Grove Heights, MN

This popular restaurant expanded their entertaining space to the roof to become the first rooftop restaurant in the city.

09 Jul
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Progressive Architecture previously worked with BevSource (formerly PSI) on an addition to their existing office. This most recent project was the complete renovation of a dated office space to accommodate the growing company. Extending the concepts of Progressive’s work for BevSource in the past, the result are a creative and efficient take on a traditional office environment. The space includes a unique beverage area, cubicle space, break room, areas for collaborative working, as well as conference rooms, and private offices. The most successful projects result from having a great client, an accomplished contractor, and a creative architect.



170504 BevSource S 001 170504 BevSource S 003 170504 BevSource S 006
05 Jul
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Located north of Duluth, MN on a serene lake, the Harris cabin, guest house and boathouse incorporate the local vernacular style with a contemporary feel.

The guest house has a large wood burning fireplace in the center with an open plan design to let the outdoors inside. One can gaze onto the lake while relaxing in the space.

The main cabin is a complete remodel of an existing 60’s walk-out rambler. Progressive Architecture added a large new entry portico and mudroom to ease tight entry conditions of the existing cabin. New finishes on the interior and a large new fireplace and TV area add to the usability for the family.

19 Mar
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Minneapolis-St. Paul Clinic Design

If you had to interview a group of Minneapolis-St. Paul Clinic Design right now, what would some of your questions be? You’d probably ask them about their experience, ideas they have for your project and a few other things. You would also ask them about what they charge as that would be a factor in your decision. Before making your decision however, you should also consider these things that the right choice can do for you:

12 Mar

Choosing the right Minneapolis St Paul Architecture Companies for your project is important because of how much easier they can make things for you. For example, they can help you prepare for any challenges you will face with the build, help you find a dependable contractor and even offer ways of making the structure more durable or more cost-effective per square footage. That’s why, when you are looking to hire someone, you want to take this decision seriously and base it on more than just price.

28 Feb
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Minneapolis Architects

If you were to speak to a group of Minneapolis architects what would the first thing you ask them be? Would it be for suggestions about the project, if they have a contractor they would recommend, where they can see issues coming up with the project or something else? The questions you ask and information you collect will help ensure that you pick the right architect for your project.

19 Feb
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BevSource Details

Many times, it is rewarding when your clients come up with a great idea. We were doing a remodel / addition to Bev Source, and we had a masonry wall that we wanted to keep. The existing wall had a door opening, that needed to be covered. Rather than trying to unsuccessfully match the brick, we decided to just stucco the opening, as that would match the ambiance of the rest of the space. We talked about finding areas for art around the space. The artwork was important to both us all. When we walked into the kitchen area, with the patched door opening, this is what we found!  What a perfect fit for a company that consults in the beverage industry. Great Job Bev Source!

Progressive Bevsource Detail

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