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Scott Mower

Designing A Buildings Entrance 20 Feb
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Designing A Buildings Entrance

Entrances can make great first impressions . . . or not. This video shows examples of fun transition zones between the exterior and interior of a space.

Window Design By Progressive Architecture 04 Oct
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Window Design By Progressive Architecture

Changing the window type alters both the view outside, and the environment inside the room.

Rethinking Doors By Progressive Architecture 04 Oct
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Rethinking Doors By Progressive Architecture

Door types and arrangements are endless!

Hallway Designs 04 Oct
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Hallway Designs

Make hallways fun and interesting!

Interior Lighting Strategies 04 Oct
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Interior Lighting Strategies

Interior Lighting can add life to your building, and the people in it.

Daylighting Ideas by Progressive Architecture 20 Sep
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Daylighting Ideas by Progressive Architecture

Daylighting is the practice of placing windows or other openings so that during the day natural light provides effective internal lighting. Particular attention is given to daylighting while designing a building when the aim is to maximize visual comfort or to reduce energy use.

Dylan Dental 08 Sep
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Dylan Dental

Progressive Architecture was tasked with relocating this dental office in a new location, however, the Dentist wanted to reuse as many of his existing furnishings as possible. This included the dental chairs, side cabinets and even all of the Sterile cabinetry.

The Contractor was able to scribe the existing Sterile cabinets into the new space so that they looked like they were made for this space. With new countertops and a fresh coat of paint, no one was the wiser.

Proof that a new office can be done on a shoe-string budget.

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Colors influence how you feel – energized, calm, cheery, relaxed, intense, even depressed

Not just hue, but saturation, tint and brightness. Hue – pure color, tint is original color + white (lighter than original color), shade is original color + black (darker than original color), saturation defines a range from pure color to gray

Just as no two people are alike, different people will perceive the same color differently. Can be related to memories or specific feelings associated with a certain color.


Dellwood Country Club 17 Mar
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Dellwood Country Club

Working out of the back of his house for a year or so, Mower’s first project was a small, single-family home in Chippewa Falls, Wis. The start of this first project helped Mower to develop a sense of what architecture, the form and the function of it, comprises. “Architecture means a whole lot of stuff,” he says. “Not only the artistic parts, but you also need to mix in the technical parts of structural and mechanical engineering along with ‘Mr. Budget.’ That guy is always on our mind.”

After the successful completion of this home, he worked from the same building in St. Paul for over 15 years.

A Cabin Story 18 Apr
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A Cabin Story

Story by Molly Hoeg, / Photos by Jack Rendulich

“Wanna come up to the cabin?” It was a phrase I always wanted to hear from my friend Kay when we were kids growing up in Duluth.

I loved doing the Minnesota thing, going up to her family cabin north of the city for a weekend or a week. That cabin stayed in my memories, even as time and distance separated Kay and me.

Little did I know, 50 years later when our friendship was rekindled, those same words would still thrill me.

Much has changed, of course, in the intervening years. The cabin I remember was built in 1960 by Kay Harris’ grandparents, Gertrude and Norman Johnston, as a family retreat.