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Scott Mower

B-52 Burgers + Brew 16 Jul
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B-52 Burgers + Brew

B-52 Burgers + Brew
Inver Grove Heights, MN

This popular restaurant expanded their entertaining space to the roof to become the first rooftop restaurant in the city.

Dr. Merry Dental 01 Aug
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Dr. Merry Dental

This dental office offers a unique design on the dental office. Expressing the natural features of the material was essential in this project.

Concrete countertops, hand burnished metals, raw wood combined with the owners eclectic vintage furnishing express the owners idea of dental office.

Utilizing the clients metal sculpting talents, sculptures are placed throughout the office giving a raw industrial feel. Warm colors and textures in the waiting, reception and consultation rooms help make patients feel at ease.

More details

  • Size:

    3,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Type:

    Interior Buildout
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Open Range Cowboy Church

These drawings are from a proposal to design a café and re-face the front of Open Range Cowboy Church in Ham Lake.




unnamed 1


Check out more of our work at:

Progressive Architecture Welcomes Rachelle Hallberg to the team 20 Jul
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Progressive Architecture Welcomes Rachelle Hallberg to the team

Rachelle Hallberg joined Progressive Architecture as a summer intern in 2016 and returned for the summer of 2017. She graduated from Chisago Lakes High School in 2016 and began studying at the University of Minnesota last fall, where she plans on graduating with a B.S. in Architecture with a minor in Spanish Studies. Interning at Progressive provides an opportunity to develop skills in Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Revit and AutoCAD learned in school, as well as an exciting perspective into the “real world” of architecture. Outside of school, Rachelle enjoys reading, catching up on Netflix, and exploring art museums.

Progressive Architecture Welcomes Lana Larson to the team 20 Jul
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Progressive Architecture Welcomes Lana Larson to the team

Lana Larson joined Progressive Architecture in June 2017 as our Senior Interior Designer.  She has spent the bulk of her career in the corporate sector working at a wide variety of large companies throughout the Twin Cities.  Lana provides seasoned experience in Project Management, Space Planning, Strategic Design, Interior Construction and Remodeling projects and enjoys communicating with clients and contractors throughout the entire design process.

“It really is a challenge and team effort to create environments that a wide breadth of individuals use.  Designing spaces where people work, live or visit is a privilege.


I’m so happy I took my favorite aunt’s advice when she pointed out that rearranging my room was my favorite thing to do…


Interior Design is a manifestation of my childhood hobby.

For many years, Lana has leaned towards the technical side of the design process and execution, and at Progressive Architecture she hopes to re-ignite the creativity and tactile (softer) aspects design.  She looks forward to changing things up on the types of spaces Progressive designs as well as transferring her extensive AutoCAD skills into efficient Revit use.  Wearing many hats is something with which Lana is quite familiar, so she intends to maximize that ability at Progressive.  Lana does not have much unscheduled time when managing a family of five but she knows these days with her kids are limited.  

“I am learning to appreciate the school projects, homework days and our many journeys to practices/games/competitions for Hockey, Lacrosse, Football and Dance.  I love cheering my kids on and seeing their eyes when they win a hard earned game or perfect a new skill they’ve been working on for long time.  It truly makes it all worth the effort.  When my weekends and evenings are not fully booked, I immensely enjoy shopping and/or a long run on a great trail with my music blasting away.”

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Residential Design


Progressive Architecture has been providing Residential Design services for the area for over 25 years.  Our experienced team of Architects and Interior designers work together to achieve award winning single family and multi-family designs.

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Dental Office Design with Progressive Architecture

progressiv architecture dental design banner

 Progressive Architecture specializes in Dental Design.  We have Architects and Interior designers that have been designing award winning dental office space for the Minneapolis area for over 25 years.  Our experience is in General Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Orthodontic design, Pediatric Dentistry, and Maxillofacial Dentistry.

Our Portfolio 03 Jul
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Our Portfolio

At Progressive Architecture we bring unique, affordable beauty to all of our projects. We've been doing it for over twenty successful years. Please take a few moments and look at our portfolio.

Windows to the Sky 27 Jun
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Windows to the Sky

Bring in sunlight and stars with an architectural approach to skylights

Update Your Windows for Good Looks, Efficiency and a Better View 19 Jun
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Update Your Windows for Good Looks, Efficiency and a Better View

The impact of windows on architecture can be underestimated. While their primary purpose is to provide natural light, ventilation and protection from the elements, they significantly contribute to the character of a house. Modern windows are designed to be more energy efficient while functioning as trim, punctuation marks, statements of quality and expressions of style.