Scott Mower

Scott Mower

Chisago Lake Home 22 Nov
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Chisago Lake Home

The School Lake House is situated on an idyllic, secluded lake within driving distance from the Twin Cities. The shapes of the house and the out buildings are reminiscent of vernacular barn and farmstead shapes.

Dylan Dental 13 Nov
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Dylan Dental

Progressive Architecture was tasked with relocating this dental office in a new location, however, the Dentist wanted to reuse as many of his existing furnishings as possible.

It's a House! 07 Nov
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It's a House!

What's in a architects head?'s a house!


I Need Some Cabinets BAD! 30 Oct
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I Need Some Cabinets BAD!

What’s in an architect’s head?

Sketching quick ideas of a cabinet system for the garage.


Same Plan Different Shapes 24 Oct
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Same Plan Different Shapes

What’s in an architect’s head?

Sketching quick exterior ideas for a client that is just starting to look at building a modest clinic.

Geller Home 12 Feb
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Geller Home

After working with the Dr. Geller to design his dental clinic in Eagan, Progressive Architecture partnered with the homeowners to design their new home. The family were strong advocates for a contemporary, energy efficient home set in a beautiful wooded landscape.

St. Croix Kidds 02 Oct
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St. Croix Kidds

Situated on the banks of the St. Croix River in Hudson, WI, this dental office remodel was themed after the recreational activities on and around the river.

Gulden Endodontics 11 Sep
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Gulden Endodontics

Breaking away from her former partner and Father, this endodontist wanted her new facility to reflect her feminine, outgoing nature, while not looking like a “typical” dental office.

Spring Creek Dental 05 Sep
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Spring Creek Dental

Formerly located in a typical two-story office building, this client purchased an older building in downtown Hudson occupied by a bookstore and two tenants.

The client liked the aesthetic of an older building with brick, old world wood flooring juxtaposed against the clean, sterile dental equipment.

Blarney Pub & Grill 28 Aug
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Blarney Pub & Grill

With the success of his first Blarney Pub & Grill in Dinkytown, the owner decided to expand to a new location just behind US Bank Stadium. The original heavy timber framing and rough stone walls provide the basis for the rustic aesthetic, similar to the first restaurant. The pub features high-top counter seating strung between timber posts at the center of space, just steps away from the main bar. An aspect of fun comes in the details - pendant lighting, steel pipe footrest, and a massive beer tap as the bar’s centerpiece. Blarney Pub & Grill has a strong yet warm character that comes from the material details and finishes, which promote Slàinte - to your good health!