Scott Mower

Scott Mower

Shakopee Dental 29 Jan
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Shakopee Dental

A second clinic for the dentist, this office was built from the ground up on a highly visibile corner lot. Exposed steel structure and the stone gabion wall anchor the exterior’s aesthetic, along with the sweeping roofline.

The interior of the clinic has a modern flair. The lobby is light and bright with a vaulted, tongue and groove wood ceiling, a seating area flanked by a built-in fireplace, and elliptical light fixtures. Five operatories, including a family-oriented operatory, line one side of the building, with room for three future operatories along the other side. The indirect lighting is soft and sophisticated, illuminating the work areas and storage cabinets along the halls. Contemporary tile and countertop surfaces are found throughout the space, with warmer gray tones punctuated by maple accents and dark hardwood floors. The result is a serene environment for staff and their clientele.

Comfort Dental 08 Jan
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Comfort Dental

Located in the southern metro area, Comfort Dental sought to be an inviting and calming dental experience. The space was designed with large windows that allowed soothing, natural light to bathe the patient rooms as well as the employee break room.

George Dental Group by Progressive Architecture 02 Jan
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George Dental Group by Progressive Architecture

This new cosmetic dental facility offers a bright, comfortable atmosphere located in the center of the City of Eagan.

One of the advantages of having a new facility was the chance to develop the exact vision Dr. Stanton wanted for her offices. She wanted a world-class facility to go wither her world-class services.

This client wanted the space to reflect a “hotel Aesthetic” with the colors, materials, and furnishings typically found in high end hotels. Contemporary lighting and decorative wall covering complete the design.

Working along with Dr. Stanton’s graphic designers, the logo was an integral feature of the space.

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Ski Boot Lamp

This boot lamp was built by Scott for a Joes Ski Shop fundraiser for Cancer and then raffled off, along with many other normal prizes. Believe it or not, this one has a matching lamp floating around somewhere. 

progressive architecture lamp 1


Life Smiles 18 Dec
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Life Smiles

The traditional, rustic charms of New England are evident throughout the offices of Life Smiles in Plymouth, Minnesota.

The design is intentionally warm and cozy, utilizing residential furnishings, a color palette of warm whites and yellows and whitewashed woodwork to reflect the dentist’s feminine point-of-view.

Large windows bathe both the waiting room and treatment areas in warm, natural light, adding to the desired relaxed atmosphere while allowing calming outdoor views for patients and visitors.

The colors, materials and custom millwork reference a Cape Cod aesthetic and were accomplished within strict budgetary guidelines.

Rethinking Doors 14 Dec
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Rethinking Doors

Door types and arrangements are endless!

Window Design 14 Dec
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Window Design

Changing the window type alters both the view outside, and the environment inside the room.

Site Design 14 Dec
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Site Design

There is a lot to consider when choosing a site to build on. This video takes a look at the different ways to design with the surroundings in mind.

Lindstrom Family Dentistry 14 Dec
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Lindstrom Family Dentistry

Located on a prominent site between the main thoroughfare into Lindstrom, MN and the lake, this Dental Office was built from the ground up. Modern, yet timeless, this building fi ts easily alongside the existing structures. The reception area takes advantage of the high volume-vaulted ceiling. Six operatories straddle each side of the building allowing each chair access to windows and the scenery beyond. Common funtions such as Sterile, Guest Restroom and the Manager’s Office are centrally located along the core. Operatory end walls are brightly colored with playful light fixtures mounted at various heights to help with wayfinding.


Designing A Buildings Entrance 14 Dec
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Designing A Buildings Entrance

Entrances can make great first impressions . . . or not. This video shows examples of fun transition zones between the exterior and interior of a space.