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Scott Mower

Stone’s Restaurant 10 Oct
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Stone’s Restaurant

There is a formula for success in Minnesota restaurants, and the new stones restaurant in Stillwater has nailed it. The dcor at Stone’s is stunning; lots of dark wood and copper, the ultimate table lights of hand blown Italian glass, a dark bar bathed in blue light. The owner’s name is Mike Stone, and the stones are a recurring motif-in a sculpture at the entry, in a riverbed of smooth stones that traverses the restroom sinks, in a waterfall on the attractive patio.“ Jeremy Iggers, Star Tribune, September 7 2006

This restaurant project began in a space where another restaurant had already started construction. That project had been abandoned by its owners. The new owner wanted to overlay his own restaurant concept in that partially constructed space. Progressive architecture developed the new owner’s vision by building upon the skeleton of the previous project.

Although somewhat reconceived, the basic framing that had been constructed was supplemented and new materials and lighting were selected to create the desired up-scale, yet casual atmosphere. The resulting environment has broad appeal, part high-end dining, part neighborhood hang out.


The Manitou Station 10 Oct
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The Manitou Station

Progressive Architecture worked with a private investor group to design and develop this downtown infill project. This new construction is located on the site of a former filling station in a historic downtown area of this lakeside resort town. The building was carefully scaled to fit within its context and incorporates detailing from the Eastlake and Shingle Style architecture vernacular. The prominent gables, bays and turret orient the building. Flared shingle siding and hipped roof rest on a base of cut stone and are capped with decorative finials along the ridge. The outdoor dining area is slightly elevated to separate it from the adjacent public way and improved views to the neighboring city park.

Minnetronix, Inc. 10 Oct
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Minnetronix, Inc.

Minnetronix manufactures medical devices. Their office/ R&D lab was designed with a focus on employee needs. The space was equally split between remodel and new construction. A main street concept serves as a bridge between the new and remodeled areas and also connects the offices with the R&D labs. The design reflects a high tech yet casual aesthetic that mirrors the company’s unique business practice. The space even features a gymnasium for pickup basketball games! An adjacent staff lounge overlooks the gym as well as a nearby wetland.

Fujitsu (formally BORN) 10 Oct
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Fujitsu (formally BORN)

Continuing with a long-standing client, this project involved a consolidation move into a newly leased space. The leased space consisted of multiple office suites, formerly leased by four other disparate groups.

The project goal was to consolidate space and unify those separate office suites without losing the client’s established corporate image and the influence that image had on employees’ morale.

This goal was accomplished by salvaging millwork, lighting fixtures and furniture from the client’s former space and incorporating these items into the new space. A palette using bold graphics and saturated colors completed the unification of the spaces. The project was accomplished with minimal demolition and reconstruction.

Orion Associates- LEED gold Certified 10 Oct
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Orion Associates- LEED gold Certified

Orion Associates is a successful management services firm serving non-profit human services organizations. Their success required them to double the size of their offices. The design challenge for this project was to make a significant addition aesthetically complimentary to the original early seventies office building.

Of the utmost concern to Orion was projecting the appropriate image, including a “green design” philosophy and adding an on-site daycare facility. The company was dedicated to managing their construction budget so that they would be able to continue to fund the many charitable organizations with which they are involved such as the River of Hope. This charity provides relief to areas suffering from natural disasters, like those in Louisiana and Southern Minnesota.

The design met all of these goals using inexpensive metal panels for siding and fascia treatments, glazing for controlled day lighting and other economical building strategies. The resulting building was submitted to the USGBC, and achieved LEED Gold certification, and was a contributing factor to Orion Associates winning the 2008 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award. Congratulations to everyone at Orion!

Metro Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 10 Oct
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Metro Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

This office is the third location for this well-established practice in the metro area. The owners’ expansion strategy was to open the office quickly and begin building their clientele in growing the southwest metro, all while sticking to a strict budgeting plan.

To implement the strategy, the owners selected a location which overlooks a beautiful wetland near Hazeltine Golf Course. They hired Progressive Architecture and Karkela Construction to provide design/build services.

After quickly arriving at a design solution, the contractor worked late hours to build out the space, meeting tight time constraints while avoiding disruption to other tenants in the facility. The result is a very comfortable clinic with simple lines and fresh colors, all achieved for very little money.

Turtle Cove Dentistry 02 Jul
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Turtle Cove Dentistry

This design uses a farm vernacular of barn red paint, divided lite barn windows and a carpet pattern that is reminiscent of cultivated fields to reflect its rural setting near Rogers, MN.

Curved corrugated translucent fiberglass panel ceilings conceal and diffuse the lightning in the operatories. The client wanted the space to feel like a luxurious “spa.”

A water feature, soothing color palette, warm stone materials, and turtle tank were all successfully integrated into the barn architecture with contemporary detailing to achieve the desired result. 

Dr. Merry Dental 02 Jul
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Dr. Merry Dental

This dental office offers a unique design on the dental office. Expressing the natural features of the material was essential in this project.

Concrete countertops, hand burnished metals, raw wood combined with the owners eclectic vintage furnishing express the owners idea of dental office.

Utilizing the clients metal sculpting talents, sculptures are placed throughout the office giving a raw industrial feel. Warm colors and textures in the waiting, reception and consultation rooms help make patients feel at ease.

Chisago Lake Home Residence 07 May
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Chisago Lake Home Residence

The School Lake House is situated on an idyllic, secluded lake within driving distance from the Twin Cities. The shapes of the house and the out buildings are reminiscent of vernacular barn and farmstead shapes.

Colorful and geometric roofs seem to grow naturally out of a field of wildflowers on the drive to the home. Classic cedar siding is contrasted with the modern building forms. The views out to the lake through 3 story glass gives the feeling of unity with nature. The outbuilding mimics traditional barn design with a modern twist.