Scott Mower

Scott Mower

Gulden Endodontics 02 Nov
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Gulden Endodontics

Breaking away from her former partner and Father, this endodontist wanted her new facility to reflect her feminine, outgoing nature, while not looking like a “typical” dental office.

Most of the clientele are not return customers due to the nature of the specialty. Seeking a relaxing, more residential environment, it was important that the space soothe the client waiting for the procedure.

To this end, the space was designed with warm colors, elegant lighting fixtures and high quality, unexpected furnishings, some chosen by Dr. Gulden herself.

Spring Creek Dental 02 Nov
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Spring Creek Dental

Formerly located in a typical two-story office building, this client purchased an older building in downtown Hudson occupied by a bookstore and two tenants.

The client liked the aesthetic of an older building with brick, old world wood flooring juxtaposed against the clean, sterile dental equipment.

Progressive Architecture worked with her to give her the aesthetic she wanted within a very tight budget, making use of some of the existing materials like the brick wall, wood floors, reusing light fixtures, doors, and even repurposing a beam from the basement as the support for the restroom countertops.  Weathered barn wood was sourced for the soffit over the reception desk. The ceiling beams were exposed and industrial light fixtures were used.

Imagine Smiles 02 Nov
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Imagine Smiles

Located in Blaine, MN, the concept behind Imagine Smiles was an elegant, classic and stylish design. Utilizing glass walls in many locations this space was able to bring natural light throughout the space creating openness and height. Classic neutral colors compliment the architecture and a dark open ceiling creates a comfortable feeling space. State of the art dental chairs and equipment and a luxurious fireplace and beverage station create a feeling of elegance and comfort for the patients and their families.

Lindstrom Family Dental 02 Nov
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Lindstrom Family Dental

Located on a prominent site between the main thoroughfare into Lindstrom, MN and the lake, this Dental Office was built from the ground up.

Modern, yet timeless, this building fi ts easily alongside the existing structures.

The reception area takes advantage of the high volume-vaulted ceiling. Six operatories straddle each side of the building allowing each chair access to windows and the scenery beyond. Common funtions such as Sterile, Guest Restroom and the Manager’s Office are centrally located along the core.

Operatory end walls are brightly colored with playful light fixtures mounted at various heights to help with wayfinding.

Albany Family Dental 02 Nov
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Albany Family Dental

This Dentist wanted to expand his rapidly growing practice in his childhood town of Albany. The project was a new construction project including site programming, building shell construction, and interior design. Working with the rural vernacular of the surrounding context, the context informed the new building for this Dentist with an additional tenant space for another business.

The interior reception waiting area was based on a train station aesthetic with high waiting benches and large travel inspired art. A large accent wall runs through the interior near the reception desk. It was designed and built in to mimic the tall cast-in-place concrete grain silos.

Exterior colors and materials were chosen to blend in with the surrounding main street building context.

Light House 10 Oct
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Light House

The concept for this house was to be a light house on the top of a hill. Taking full advantage of views of the lake, this house becomes a beacon on the water.

The living room is arranged to connect the house with the lake through large windows that provide views to both of the two lakes visible from the home. Natural light penetrates deep into the home to accentuate the warm materials. These warm materials add to the comfort of the family. The top of the house includes a small 12 x 12 sitting room (lighthouse) with the 260 degree view of the landscape.

Massage Envy 10 Oct
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Massage Envy

Massage Envy is the leading provider of massage therapy in the country offering many forms of therapeutic massage. This Owner/Franchisee currently operates several Massage Envy locations in the Twin Cities and continues to grow the business.

Although each individual location adheres to the strict design criteria set by the franchisor to achieve the Massage Envy brand standards, emphasis is on designing each clinic for functionality and convenience, as well as ensuring that those design standards are met.

A typical clinic features approximately a dozen therapy rooms, in addition to a spacious reception and waiting area and other support rooms.

Special care is required to ensure that all spaces provide easy flow and accessibility, while maintaining a high degree of privacy. Natural woods and stone enhance the “spa” aesthetic and reinforce the mantra that massage “restores balance for all the things that life throws our way.”

Gander Mountain 10 Oct
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Gander Mountain

The project work for this client included several remodels for various sized projects. The project scope varied from small exterior display/storage projects. The project scope varied from small exterior display/storage facilities to a complete remodeling of a 70,000 square foot existing retail space. Scheduling the work between peek retailing periods and controlling cost were among the most pressing issues for this big box retailer.

Each building addition needed to meet a specific retailing criteria for each client, yet adapted to the unique site conditions of its location, in terms of orientation and aesthetics. In each case, we were able to design a building addition that was complimentary to the original building without compromising the unique sales floor requirements of the retailer. Finished materials on both the interior and exterior of the building reflect the nature of this retailer’s product offering. Natural stone and heavy log framing accent the otherwise vanilla box.

Perron Sul Lago 10 Oct
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Perron Sul Lago

This award winning bistro-style restaurant seats over a hundred patrons in a family-friendly environment that features classic Italian art and cozy booths. An outdoor balcony perched thirty feet above the lake seats forty.

The color palette and finish materials give the restaurant a fresh look without being trendy. Lighting is a major part of the design with two oval backlit, cherry wood clouds that float just below the ceiling.

The bar, which occupies about one-third of the space, features a cherry wood wine display and etched glass window with a backlit Italian landscape behind. 

Blarney Pub 10 Oct
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Blarney Pub

This remodeling project is located near the University of Minnesota Campus in Dinkytown. The owner envisioned a place where students and others could comfortably take a break between classes by day and socialize in the evening. The remodeling doubled the size of the existing bar and introduced a double sided fireplace as a focal point. Durable finish materials were used to stand up to heavy, abusive traffic. The balanced design successfully serves the business crowd by day and the college crowd by night.