Scott Mower

Scott Mower

Advanced Molding Technologies - Lab 04 Nov
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Advanced Molding Technologies - Lab

This plastic molding company’s success necessitated expansion into another building on their campus. As their clients are major medical companies, they wanted to ratchet up their image to appeal to their clientele subliminally.

Although budget conscious, Progressive Architecture was able to design the space with refurbished work stations, a current color palette and edgy materials that reflected the Owner’s interest in aviation.

Dellwood Country Club - Pool Area 04 Nov
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Dellwood Country Club - Pool Area

Progressive Architecture worked with new management to re-brand Dellwood Country Club to create a casual, family friendly environment.

The first phase of construction designing a new Pool Building, complete with outdoor dining, walk-up bar and changing rooms was intended to be an attractive selling point for new members. Working with pool designers, an organic shaped “lazy river” and new lap swimming pool was developed to appeal to families.

Dellwood Country Club 04 Nov
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Dellwood Country Club

Dellwood Country Club and Progressive Architecture have been working together to re-brand and create a more family friendly country club. The project scope includes remodeling the 30,000 square footclub house, creating a utility building for golf cart storage, designing a tennis center, and creating a new outdoor pool area. 

The pool building, complete with changing rooms, a bar, and an outdoor dining area with a fire place will be an attractive selling point for
attracting new members. Progressive Architecture worked with the pool designers and created an organic shaped “lazy river” pool, and a new large lap swimming pool.

The club house remodel will include a new interior and exterior color scheme. New outdoor dining and a remodeled banquet facility
will be an attractive venue for weddings, birthdays and events.

Margaux 04 Nov
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Margaux, located in downtown St. Paul, bills itself as a new French brasserie. Located in the renovated historic Rossmor building, the restaurant’s interior is white linen chic. The large storefront windows give the feeling of spaciousness to the relatively small dining

The white linens bring refinement to the otherwise raw finishes. Those raw finishes are more in keeping with the true definition of brasserie, which is a tavern that serves simple meals as well as beverages. Just a few simple materials such as glass tiles and a dramatic French wall mural give this restaurant its appeal.

This restaurant was voted one of the top five new restaurants in the March 2007 issue of Mps/St. Paul magazine.

Northern Minnesota Cabin 04 Nov
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Northern Minnesota Cabin

Located north of Duluth, MN on a serene lake, the Harris cabin, guest house and boat house incorporate the local vernacular style with a contemporary feel.

The guest house has a large wood burning fireplace in the center with an open plan design to let the outdoors inside. One can gaze onto the lake while relaxing in the space.

The main cabin is a complete remodel of an existing 60’s walk-out rambler. Progressive Architecture added a large new entry portico and mudroom to ease tight entry conditions of the existing cabin. New finishes on the interior and a large new fireplace and TV area add to the usability for the family.


Rosemont Home 04 Nov
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Rosemont Home

After working with the Dr. Geller to design his dental clinic in Eagan, Progressive Architecture partnered with the homeowners to design their new home. The family were strong advocates for a contemporary, energy efficient home set in a beautiful wooded landscape.

The overall design features flat roofs, some which become outdoor roof decks, and others with the potential to become future exterior living spaces. Corrugated metal siding and random lap siding with large windows create bring the outdoors inside all year long.

The interior is clean, open and perfect for a young family. An open floor plan allows the family to be together and enjoy each others company. Lofted bedrooms for the children and guests are on the second floor and a large master suite is situated on the first level.

The house includes a geothermal heating and cooling system and super insulated walls and roofs that have kept the heating and cooling bills under $700 for an entire year.

Scandia Home 04 Nov
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Scandia Home

The Sperry Residence is located on a quaint lake in Scandia, MN. The design of the home integrates large windows to bring the feel of the outdoors indoors.

A specious kitchen and living room with an open plan allow views to the lake from all angles. The exterior materials invoke the feeling of a rustic cabin with a modern twist.

Life Smiles 02 Nov
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Life Smiles

The traditional, rustic charms of New England are evident throughout the offices of Life Smiles in Plymouth, Minnesota.

The design is intentionally warm and cozy, utilizing residential furnishings, a color palette of warm whites and yellows and whitewashed woodwork to reflect the dentist’s feminine point-of-view.

Large windows bathe both the waiting room and treatment areas in warm, natural light, adding to the desired relaxed atmosphere while allowing calming outdoor views for patients and visitors.

The colors, materials and custom millwork reference a Cape Cod aesthetic and were accomplished within strict budgetary guidelines.

Anoka Ramsey Dental 02 Nov
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Anoka Ramsey Dental

The owner of this dental clinic purchased an existing “spec” building with the intention of building out one-half for his practice and renting out the remaining half.

The design challenge was to merge the facility’s residential character with the functionality of a clinic. For budgetary purposes, the goal was to retain existing materials wherever possible.

Another challenge was to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. This was accomplished by contrasting the colors of the two existing, blue dental chairs with a warmer blend of two tones in the wood cabinetry and walls. The addition of stainless steel, graphic carpet tile and some wellplaced lighting fixtures give the office a whimsical, homey character.

George Dental Group 02 Nov
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George Dental Group

This new cosmetic dental facility offers a bright, comfortable atmosphere located in the center of the City of Eagan.

One of the advantages of having a new facility was the chance to develop the exact vision Dr. Stanton wanted for her offices. She wanted a world-class facility to go wither her world-class services.

This client wanted the space to reflect a “hotel Aesthetic” with the colors, materials, and furnishings typically found in high end hotels. Contemporary lighting and decorative wall covering complete the design.

Working along with Dr. Stanton’s graphic designers, the logo was an integral feature of the space.