11 Jan
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07 Dec

Located on a prominent site between the main thoroughfare into Lindstrom, MN and the lake, this Dental Office was built from the ground up. Modern, yet timeless, this building fi ts easily alongside the existing structures. The reception area takes advantage of the high volume-vaulted ceiling. Six operatories straddle each side of the building allowing each chair access to windows and the scenery beyond. Common funtions such as Sterile, Guest Restroom and the Manager’s Office are centrally located along the core. Operatory end walls are brightly colored with playful light fixtures mounted at various heights to help with wayfinding.

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Parking Relationship To A Building

Not only are there countless ways to approach a building on foot, but parking options are endless as well. Here, watch how the relationship between buildings and parking locations combine functionality and site design.

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Site Design

There is a lot to consider when choosing a site to build on. This video takes a look at the different ways to design with the surroundings in mind.

04 Oct

Changing the window type alters both the view outside, and the environment inside the room.

04 Oct

Door types and arrangements are endless!

18 Apr
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A Cabin Story

Story by Molly Hoeg, / Photos by Jack Rendulich

“Wanna come up to the cabin?” It was a phrase I always wanted to hear from my friend Kay when we were kids growing up in Duluth.

I loved doing the Minnesota thing, going up to her family cabin north of the city for a weekend or a week. That cabin stayed in my memories, even as time and distance separated Kay and me.

Little did I know, 50 years later when our friendship was rekindled, those same words would still thrill me.

Much has changed, of course, in the intervening years. The cabin I remember was built in 1960 by Kay Harris’ grandparents, Gertrude and Norman Johnston, as a family retreat. 

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