08 Feb


The former Rose Hill Resort comprised of 4.47 acres,  was voluntarily annexed into the City of Lindstrom, during the city council meeting January 19.  This is the first step towards a development project.

Sewer and water needs can only be resolved by first bringing the property into the city, Administrator John Olinger explained.

There are no engineering or design plans submitted yet, so any fine points of a sewer and water extension project are unidentified. It may also be necessary to bring in adjoining properties at some point, but this annexation is only involving three parcels, from the highway frontage road, down LeHigh Road to the resort’s lakeshore.

A good chunk of the landmass in this general area has already come into Lindstrom (clinic, bank, dental office) and Township supervisors were unanimous in allowing this expected annexation.  The orderly annexation agreement also stipulates Lindstrom pays the township two payments to ease loss of property taxes,  at $517 annually.  This is the township portion of taxes that the old resort once generated.

30 Jan

Martina Foss Ashworth joined Progressive Architecture in June 2016 as a Project Architect. Martina graduated from Iowa State University in 2009 with her Master of Architecture degree, and is now a licensed architect. Martina comes to Progressive with a wide background working with architects, engineers, subcontractors, general contractors, and non-profit organizations, and is a whiz when it comes to BIM project design and management. She loves to engage the technical aspects of architecture and construction, as well as design for the big picture and work directly with clients. At Progressive, Martina hopes to lead projects from big design idea through punch list, and dig into every detail along the way. In her free time, Martina enjoys singing, swing dancing and cooking with her husband, music class with her toddler daughter, and family jaunts outdoors with her redbone coonhound.

11 Jan
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07 Dec

Located on a prominent site between the main thoroughfare into Lindstrom, MN and the lake, this Dental Office was built from the ground up. Modern, yet timeless, this building fi ts easily alongside the existing structures. The reception area takes advantage of the high volume-vaulted ceiling. Six operatories straddle each side of the building allowing each chair access to windows and the scenery beyond. Common funtions such as Sterile, Guest Restroom and the Manager’s Office are centrally located along the core. Operatory end walls are brightly colored with playful light fixtures mounted at various heights to help with wayfinding.

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Parking Relationship To A Building

Not only are there countless ways to approach a building on foot, but parking options are endless as well. Here, watch how the relationship between buildings and parking locations combine functionality and site design.

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