12 Jun

Building or renovating a house? Follow these 6 steps to draw up a plan that delivers the goods

05 Jun

Set the right mood, focus a view or highlight architecture with long, narrow windows sited just so on a wall

30 May
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A Few Words on the Power of Simplicity

Our homes today are afforded luxuries our ancestors living in primitive huts could scarcely imagine. Works of architecture are limited more by economics than they are by physics; less by climate than by image. What we can imagine, we can build. But what then shapes our homes if prior influences of climate — temperature and precipitation — are less relevant than ever in the face of new building technologies and materials? How do we allocate the assets of design in service of our need for shelter?

22 May

What to know about material, shape and customizable options when designing a handrail

15 May

Color can play up or play down architecture, create a positive experience and more. Here’s how to put it to work for you

08 May
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How to Borrow Light

You can save energy by using glass walls, windows and skylights to bring sunlight into dark areas of your home

01 May

Good architects tell a story and engage the senses. They understand the rules — and know when to break them

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B52 Construction 360º Walk Thru

360º Look at B52 Construction Progress.

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