18 Dec
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Life Smiles

The traditional, rustic charms of New England are evident throughout the offices of Life Smiles in Plymouth, Minnesota.

The design is intentionally warm and cozy, utilizing residential furnishings, a color palette of warm whites and yellows and whitewashed woodwork to reflect the dentist’s feminine point-of-view.

Large windows bathe both the waiting room and treatment areas in warm, natural light, adding to the desired relaxed atmosphere while allowing calming outdoor views for patients and visitors.

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The colors, materials and custom millwork reference a Cape Cod aesthetic and were accomplished within strict budgetary guidelines.

14 Dec
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Ski Coat Rack

If you visit our office, this is where you hang your coat. The ski rack was built by Scott, when he was asked to get a better coat rack. He found the skis up at Indianhead ski resort. Ski pole handles were compliments of Joe’s Ski Shop. Yup it really really works!
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05 Dec
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How to turn a beer keg into a grill. 

Its fun, not that fast, and hopefully it will make you a better person !

29 Nov
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Albany Family Dental

This Dentist wanted to expand his rapidly growing practice in his childhood town of Albany. The project was a new construction project including site programming, building shell construction, and interior design. Working with the rural vernacular of the surrounding context, the context informed the new building for this Dentist with an additional tenant space for another business.

22 Nov
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Chisago Lake Home

The School Lake House is situated on an idyllic, secluded lake within driving distance from the Twin Cities. The shapes of the house and the out buildings are reminiscent of vernacular barn and farmstead shapes.

13 Nov
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Dylan Dental

Progressive Architecture was tasked with relocating this dental office in a new location, however, the Dentist wanted to reuse as many of his existing furnishings as possible.

07 Nov
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It's a House!

What's in a architects head?

Today...it's a house!


30 Oct
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I Need Some Cabinets BAD!

What’s in an architect’s head?

Sketching quick ideas of a cabinet system for the garage.


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